Sex Ed: How It’s Done

dutchsexedGrowing up in the Netherlands I got some relatively good sex education. Obviously there was a lot that needed improvement, it was mostly reproductive biology, and sexual diversity was just a paragraph in one chapter telling us that some people are gay and that’s fine too. Still, I remember when I was around 11 years old my teacher got pregnant and asked the class if anyone knew how that happened – nervous giggles everywhere of course, but we all already knew about the penis in the vagina and the sperm reaching the egg and all that. In secondary school we were taught about safer sex practices, that masturbation was normal (including a really, really awkward movie with a girl underneath a sheet touching herself) and what all the body parts were called.

We’ve improved a lot. Children as young as five get comprehensive sex ed, which now includes a lot of focus on consent, feelings, relationships and communication. I love this movie where they discuss what you can do when grandma wants to kiss you and you don’t want that.

But I think John Oliver of the Last Week Tonight Show did an even better job. “Lube is your friend… trust me”. Every child needs to see this!

2 thoughts on “Sex Ed: How It’s Done

  1. Anniek

    Hahaha Marijke, wat heb ik genoten van dat laaste deel van het filmpje. Echter, wat staat de wereld er toch beroerd voor met hun sexed.. Het maakt weer eens pijnlijk duidelijk hoe weinig er uitgelegd wordt en dat er in zowel de eerste, tweede als derde wereld nog een hoop stappen gezet kunnen worden!

  2. Marijke Vonk Post author

    Echt he? Gelukkig lijkt het, in ieder geval in Nederland, wel de goede kant op te gaan.

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