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  1. Caprizchka

    I love this. It is so inspiring and thought-provoking. What is missing however is the other side of the coin which of course is the various white knights of both sexes who want to ‘protect’ but in reality act like pimps while meanwhile cutting off the income stream–of course you have written about this very issue.

    By the way, I came here because I am genuinely concerned about Elizabeth Smart’s new initiative. Talk about wolf in sheep’s clothing!

    On another note, it would seem that of course there is value in sex. Devaluing it by any propaganda means necessary is bigger than one sex worker. It would seem to be the driving force behind all pyramid schemes which demand complete control of the invisible life within all of our minds.

    Meanwhile, I see a lot of wisdom in zoning for benefit of those non-sex-worker women who don’t appreciate disgruntled clientele taking out their frustrations on them (been there!). One of my favorite little real-life-dramas however was a working class bar near the docks where on one half of the bar were the non-working girls and the other half were working. Men had the choice as to which side of the bar to hang out on–the sure thing or the no guarantees–and surprisingly there were no catfights! It was a beautiful thing. Why can’t the world be like that?

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