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Happy new year dear readers! I’m writing to you from from a little town near Winterberg in Germany, a lovely area with lots of snow, hills and German beer. My sister and brother and their partners went skiing and snowboarding, but since I am terribly clumsy (I have a permanent injury from falling on a trampoline. Not off, I was on it and simply fell) TBD and I decided to take a long walk and it was gorgeous. We’ve been swimming, have taken our sleds to spend hours in the snow, played lots of games and had excellent food. My brother is making a compilation video of all our adventures! New years eve we went out to dinner in a restaurant and then went back to the house for fireworks and champagne.

Honestly, 2014 has been an awesome year. My personal life was lovely, filled with love and friends and great experiences. I published a book, worked nearly full time as a therapist at a sex-positive sexology/psychology practice, organised a conference, wrote a guest column for Maggie McNeill and a some columns for the Dutch newspaper The Post Online. I met with some of the most amazing Dutch feminists, sex workers rights activists and other inspiring people. I became a board member for Sekswerk Nederland, attended meetings as an expert on sex work, started my education as a cognitive-behavioural therapist and became active on Twitter.

And I started blogging almost six months ago, and it has been very rewarding. On its busiest day more than two thousand people visited this website, which is more than I ever expected. My most popular post has been The Myth of Trafficking, followed by Are You a Whore? and How to Support Sex Workers. It’s been somewhat of a challenge to regularly post interesting content, my weekly personals are nowhere near weekly and I have more ideas for new posts than I’ll ever have time to write. But I’m enjoying being part of the sex workers’ rights/human rights/gender equality/sexology/sex positive community more than words can describe.

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