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Yesterday I grabbed a Greenwheels car, picked up Mara and then drove all the way to Ghent for a lecture on BDSM. Kajira is a student organisation promoting rights for BDSM’ers and they’re really cool, so I didn’t mind traveling a few hours. Everything is so different in Belgium, it really feels like you’re abroad, and Ghent is a gorgeous city so we drove there early and spent the afternoon drinking coffee and eating bagels and feeling touristy. I’m not sure how many people attended my lecture but the place was packed. I talked about early theories on kink (“what on earth is wrong with these people?!”), actual research on bdsm (“nothing wrong with these people”) and the problems kinky people can run into. The audience was great, lots of great questions and comments, wonderful vibe. I talked to an American girl who recently moved to Belgium and she told me about the wonderful kinky communities you guys have over there. I’m jealous. I remember when I was in San Francisco and attended a party at the Citadel I saw all the workshops and discussion groups and I wished we had stuff like that here. Don’t get me wrong, the Dutch scene is great. We have a warm community and love my pervy chosen family, but we don’t have a thousand munches and groups for everything and a party every weekend. She told us she misses it too. Mara and I drove back to the Netherlands, got lost, nearly wrecked the car and eventually arrived home and drank tea with milk and watched How I Met Your Mother in bed until we got down from our adrenaline rush. What a night!

The Kink Congres was a success as well. There were lectures and workshops all day and a BDSM documentary at night, and from what I heard people enjoyed themselves. It was my first time organising such a huge event and there’s many things I’ll do different next time, but all in all I’m happy. There was a lecture on BDSM ‘from the outside’ by a vanilla friend of mine, a lecture on the law & BDSM by a lawyer, a lecture on kinky sex work by an actual kinky sex worker (well done, Marijke ;)), a lecture on BDSM problems and a group discussion on emancipation of kinksters. The workshops were about bondage, whips, communication, negotiation and relationships. I ran around “like a chicken without its head” as we would say in Dutch, loved the lectures and had to miss the workshops. Mara, TBD, Rene and Singer were a great help, Natya was there to sell our book and in the evening the Dude and Dudette joined us so Dudette could be the most charming barkeeper and the Dude arranged everything for the movie.

Oh and about the book: we’re getting such positive feedback! I’m not sure how many books we’ve sold so far but many. I’m so proud of us. It’s been a long process, Natya and I have worked very hard, and now it’s here. Our first book!

These last few weeks have been crazy. Fuck, I’m happy.

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