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2015-10-07 20.32.16Greeting from Myanmar! If you want to read more about our travels you can always have a look at my travel blog, though I’m structurally behind on updates, but yeah we’re having such an amazing trip. Australia stole my heart, I had a great time in Thailand, Myanmar is such an experience, and I’m looking forward to Nepal and India. I feel very blessed that I’m in a position where I can afford to travel like this, low-budget obviously but still, I get to see the world. Not many people are that fortunate.

And you know, travelling with one of the people you love most in the world is wonderful. Of course we miss Mara like crazy, and I do not enjoy being so far away from my family and friends (wish I could put you all in my backpack and take you with me!) but having the chance to spend this much time together, having adventures, is lovely.

This post by Maggie McNeill brightened my day as well: human rights are winning! I mean obviously there are setbacks, but I think overall we’re moving in the right direction.


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