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One of my favourite things is to work in a coffee shop. Very hipster, I know, but when you work from home a lot and studying it’s so helpful to have to get out of the house so you don’t end up spending the day in your undies watching Netflix. Mara and I had our favourite coffee places aussiaback home (“where everybody knows your name <3”) where I did my studying for CBT, writing blogs and a book and organising events. Here in Australia Robin and I try to find good places to work as well, I’m re-learning French (“oui!”) and doing a project management course. And writing, obviously (some for pay!).

We’re in Melbourne at the moment, on our way back to Brisbane. Oh man, travelling has been amazing. Living in a car (and the occasional AirBnb), seeing so much, meeting all these great people, what an adventure. In the map you can (roughly) see where we’ve been.


2 thoughts on “The Weekly Personal

  1. Marcel

    Hey Marijke, cool journey you’ve made. Hope you’re feeling better from the indian food thing. I saw your map of Australia and i was wondering; I’ve been dreaming of doing the great ocean road trip by bicycle. Do you think that’s feasable, from what you saw? Other than it being quite a stretch. Are the roads ok? Would there be enough room for a bicycle considering the other traffic?

  2. Marijke Vonk Post author

    I wouldn’t do it if someone paid me, so I’m the wrong person to ask. I’m sure Google will have a better answer.

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