The Weekly Personal

2015-02-01 14.35.03Just one more month before the Big Move. It’s crazy how sentimental I’m getting over everything Dutch. It’s just a year, I’ll be back in no time. But yeah, Dutchlands, I’ll miss you. I was sure to eat ‘haring’ when I was at the marketplace last Saturday, and kibbeling of course. The NS has provided me with plenty of delayed trains and the weather even went full Netherlands with loads of rain and cold wind. I’ve cancelled my subscriptions, planned to see my family and friends a couple of times and have somewhat started packing. But first I will take my suitcase to Copenhagen because I’ve been asked to speak at the ESSM congress! My plane will leave tomorrow morning and I will stay in Denmark until Sunday. I’m so exited! I’ll be talking about consent and BDSM, and listening to many many many other speakers. and then it’s just three more weeks¬†before we leave.¬†It’s a little overwhelming :).

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