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Sex with Animals

I think torturing animals is wrong. I believe people who intentionally torture animals should be punished, that keeping animals means you have to take responsibility for their wellbeing and that animals deserve to have some quality of life. I have a big problem with the way our culture treats animals in factory farming. I’m not opposed to killing animals for our pleasure, I don’t think it’s wrong to keep animals as property, but I think we’re crossing a line when their wellbeing is no longer of any concern at all. Animal cruelty is horrible.

But I don’t think I need an animal’s consent to do things to it. I keep my cat as a pet without asking him if he wanted to stay with me, and if he walked away I’d find him and bring him home because he’s chipped. I had his balls removed without his consent. If I kicked him for fun or cracked his little skull for kicks I should be arrested, if I stopped feeding him that’s abuse, but really there is not a relationship of trust and consent between Poes and I. And there shouldn’t have to be. You can do stuff to animals, just keep their wellbeing in mind and don’t torture them.

So that’s why I have no problem with sex with animals.

I mean sure, if you rape a little bunny that’s wrong. It would be equally wrong if you stuck a big stick up its ear, because you are hurting it. Well yes if you kill it you’re hurting it too, and I have eaten rabbits for my pleasure, but still, don’t do that.

Sexual relationships with animals that don’t involve hurting or killing it? I just don’t see the problem. I don’t care if the animal wants it – I’m quite sure my burger didn’t dream of becoming a burger and that does not matter to me, I’m a recreational meat eater and eat burgers purely for my pleasure. I don’t care if it’s natural – keeping a blog isn’t natural either and I don’t consider that morally wrong. By the way, I once saw a dog face-fuck a three-year-old and when I was little my bunny nearly died when her father raped her little head so hard she could hardly breathe so don’t talk to me about natural. And last but not least: animals are pretty good at expressing themselves so I fear more for the human’s safety!

Our relationship with sex is so messed up. We jerk off cattle to use their sperm for breeding, put our hand and arm up animals’ backsides for all sorts of reasons, but do it for sexual pleasure and everyone loses their minds. We allow pig-bukkake where the sow gets such an overload of sperm her womb gets infected, but come on a cows head and suddenly you’re a criminal.

Sex with animals is NOT illegal in the Netherlands, except when you do it for sexual pleasure. I’m not making this stuff up. You can do anything you want, put your body parts up anything and touch whatever you like, as long as it’s not because it turns you on. Because that would make you a pervert, and perverts are baaaaaad.