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Shocking news in the Netherlands: the mayor of the city Maastricht has a private life in which he seeks sex with consenting adults! The young broadcaster PowNed shared this ‘news’ with us after they tricked mayor Onno Hoes into believing he had an actual date with a young man who wanted to have sex with him, and then the little asshats filmed it and put it all online. Most Dutch people have reacted with disgust over this breach of privacy, but Maastricht has been having meetings and talks over all of this and it’s all over the news. Politicians with a private life, how dare they.

But I was happy to see the front page of the Volkskrant today.  Volkskrant is one of the more sane newpapers in the Netherlands. The first item’s about tests provided by Amsterdam to determine the quality of your cocaine and heroin. I’m so glad they’re taking a pragmatic approach to the problem of the dirty cocaine being sold to tourists. Testing your drugs is cheap, safe, and you don’t have to be afraid of getting arrested. They do hope finding the dirty drugs will lead them to the dealer that’s selling it, but mostly this is the pragmatic, respectful way of dealing with drugs that I appreciate in this country. I love that I can bring my (illegal) drugs to government-funded organisations and have it tested. My safety should be more important than some idiotic crusade against consensual recreational behaviour.

The other item says “again a white jury decides over a white cop” and the article is actually not at all bad. We’re terrible with racism here, but the recent events in the United States has opened up some conversations.  We’re talking about it now. We don’t have the awareness and sensitivity of Americans, but at least we’re talking about racism now.

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