2 thoughts on “Jesus comes first!

  1. John Cook

    Jesus comes first, but when you tithe Joel Osteen, comes first! Think about this poor, undernourished person with all those bills just for maintenance of his huge estate, his collection of expensive sport cars, and the new clothes must buy to look his best!

    Perhaps it’s time to reveal TV preachers for what they truly are: money hungry theists, greedy in the name of God, and using poor people to feather their nests. It’s just WRONG! The perfect way to locate those more interested in fame and fortune than working for God is to limit their income and TAX them. Then when it is impossible for people to preach a religion to uphold their basic greed, their need to scratch their narcissistic itch, the collective money all of us tithe can be used to assist the disabled and poor people that actually could benefit from a few bucks more each month.

    Now that makes sense! It’s what Jesus would do. Jesus is not here, so we need to do it in his name. Tithe, yes, but to a charity, not TV show people who live the billionaires life.

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