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The Netherlands fucks up a lot when it comes to racism. We don’t have the same cultural bruises as the United States, and because we like to think we’re tolerant and open-minded we’re even less likely to consider whether we hold racist ideas and traditions. The whole Black Pete disgrace is just one of many examples. Last week the Dutch magazine Viva, which targets young adult women as their audience, published a deeply racist article on why you should want to date a black man. Not only was a filled to the brim with prejudice and stereotypes (“he’s passionate! He can dance! He has a big penis!”), the underlying assumption was that we, the audience, are white. His dark skin would contrast nicely with ours. We’d learn something from his culture. Our kids would be what the Dutch call “halfbloods” (I’m not joking). Thankfully there was so much backlash that the article was quickly removed from the website, but I think it really showed how unaware we still are about race.

The Dutch ‘feminist’ magazine Opzij also fucked up again. After allowing Jojanneke a platform for her lies about prostitution and denying sex workers a platform to have their stories heard (instead they asked another non-sex worker to speak for the upset whores) they now published the following headline: “The Islam of IS justifies sex slaves, prostitution and paedophilia“. Yes, nice of you to lump those together, Opzij. Thanks.

Instead they could have reported about this study, but they didn’t. Nobody did. Because listening to sex workers themselves isn’t as exciting as erotic fiction about whores.

They could have reported about the continuing harassment of and spying on sex workers, but nope.

You shouldn’t study sex work, but perhaps you shouldn’t publish about it either unless you recognise sex workers as humans, your words benefit sex workers and you can give something back.

To end on a happier note, here’s a photo of a kangaroo having a blast scratching his balls.

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A while ago, Mara and I watched Frozen and I thought it was cute. Disney movies are just so nice and simple and the songs are catchy! This video made me smile :D.

Ah yes, our favourite Laci Green! I disagree with her so, so often, so often Laci (rape culture? Nope.) but she’s just so cute. And, apparently, not anti-nonmonogamy! Yay! And yay for sex in long term relationships :).

Hope you all have a happy Wednesday!

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scienceinprogressAlmost a year ago a fantastic guest column was posted on the Honest Courtesan. I have a passion for research and science, and it frustrates me to see how terrible research on sex work usually is. Kevin Wilson explains not only what is wrong with studies on sex work, but also why we can be optimistic about the future of this field. Which gave me a happy.

“It’s probably fair to say that, historically, the sex workers’ rights movement and the academic study of the industry haven’t had a good relationship; much of the time the field has seemed to be implicitly working for the other team.  Nevertheless, as the objectivity and quality of research improves, and as we learn more about the industry as a whole, fabricating “facts” about sex work becomes less and less effective a tool for pushing dangerous, wrong-headed policies.  As was the case when Canada’s sex work laws were tested in the Supreme Court earlier this year, the ability to decisively cut-down prohibitionist myths in real-time and in front of a panel of judges can be a powerful tool in fighting for sex workers’ rights.”

A Dutch politician thinks it’s wrong to demand Morocco ends the prosecution of homosexuality, because that would be the same as asking the Netherlands to allow child rape.  Thankfully, he resigned. What an idiot.

So, to end on a more positive note, I present to you the most romantic song ever. Aww!

And if I may conjecture a further objection, love is nothing to do with destined perfection
The connection is strengthened, the affection simply grows over time [..]
And love is made more powerful by the ongoing drama of shared experience
And the synergy of a kind of symbiotic empathy or… something

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Gone are the ridiculous Dutch laws that demand transgender people be sterilised before their ‘official’ gender could be changed. Previously, transgender people were required to take hormones and undergo surgery, including irreversible sterilisation, before their official identity papers would show their correct gender. The Dutch Senate approved of the new laws that would end these intrusive and abusive medical requirements on December 18 2013, and the new laws have gone into force on July 1st 2014. We still have a long way to go, though. Only people over age 16 may file a request to change their gender, and it must be accompanied by an expert statement. In an ideal world the government would not consider sex, gender identity and gender expression any of their business. They would leave us and our genitals alone, stop registering our gender and abandon the false belief in a simple male/female classification. But this is not an ideal world, and this new law is an important step towards equality for transgender people in the Netherlands.

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All prostitution-permits were withdrawn from the proprietors of the Zandpad area in august 2013 because of false trafficking allegations, effectively ending all Red Light Districts (window prostitution) in Utrecht.  Around 230 sex workers lost their workplace and had to move to the streets or hotels, resulting in loss of income and more dangerous working conditions. The mayor lied that he hoped the sex workers would unite and become proprietors of the Zandpad area themselves, after which Utrecht repeatedly changed the requirements, rejected proposals from sexworker unions and prohibited sex workers from speaking at counsel meetings. Realisation of a new prostitution area is postponed until at least 2016.

Feminists have driven some of the most violent and dangerous legislation against sex workers’ rights, health, and safety worldwide“.


“When we relayed Xander’s preference to the teacher, she indicated that this was precisely the reason for her concern: He didn’t want to join in the boys’ activities. And so it seemed our son’s “problem” was not merely his shyness but that he didn’t behave like a typical boy or conform to the teacher’s notions about how boys ought to act. [..] Rather than question her own assumptions about what boys could and should be like, this teacher decided there was Boyhood is a battlefield: The dangerous expectations of early masculinitysomething wrong with Xander. [..] The growing realization that pressures for boys to conform to masculine norms may negatively impact their development — coupled with concerns about young boys’ susceptibility to behavioral and learning problems—suggest our need and readiness for a new way of looking at boys and thinking about their development that both emphasizes their agency and awareness and considers what factors influence and motivate individual boys as they respond to their gender socialization.” – Boyhood is a battlefield: The dangerous expectations of early masculinity 


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