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So Amnesty International has voted to back decriminalisation of sex work! The foundation is that countries “review and repeal laws that make those who sell sex vulnerable to human rights violations”. Beautiful. It’s such good news for sex workers’ rights and human rights in general. Some really good articles have been published so I’m just going to link to some and say “YAY!” a little more. I love that Amnesty had the courage to (finally) take a stand on this.

Melissa Gira Grant wrote a good piece for The Nation on the now accepted proposal by Amnesty International. It’s an easy to read article, packed with relevant information and links to resources.

Juniper Fitzgerald over at Tits and Sass wrote about the ridiculous and offensive celebrity response to the Amnesty proposal. I mean what the hell was that. “Sex workers who can speak for themselves are too privileged to speak for themselves, so let me speak for them all”.

Mistress Matisse wrote a fact-packed response to another bad article, and it’s just like, everything you need to know about sex work. That good.

Plenty to read, but first, CELEBRATE!

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