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Project 1012 has failed. Despite the millions of euro’s given to brothelkeepers to buy them out of their buildings and to buy them out of starting a brothel elsewhere, despite Asscher calling sex workers slaves, despite millions of euro’s to get rid of coffeeshops and window prostitution, despite all the efforts to hinder sex workers and stop legal prostitution, the red light district in Amsterdam hasn’t gotten any safer or ‘high class’. No way, right?

Some other surprising news from the web:
End-demand tactics hurt sex workers. Wuuut?
Sex workers don’t want to be rescued. Wuuuut?
Sex work and trafficking are not the same. Wuuut?
Criminalising sex work harms sex workers. Wuuut?
The Canadian anti-sex work bill is sexist. Wuut?
Sex workers not invited to meeting for sex workers. Wuut?


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