Assholes being assholes: Zijlstra

zijlstra2_300Well, Syrian refugees. Guess you might as well turn back those boats and return to your homeland because Dutch politician Halbe Zijlstra says you can’t have breast enlargements while you’re here. Zijlstra’s sure our costs for health care are sky-rocketing thanks to all of your free face lifts and dental work, and he’s quite sure the popularity of the Netherlands as a place to escape all the bombs and bullets will drop when we stop offering luxuries.

Fucking lying piece of shit.

Of course we only offer the bare minimum health care, plastic surgery is not included. Perhaps he genuinely did not know this – he’s known for being painfully ignorant of the most basic facts, and has even tried to push laws that already exist. Idiot. But we already have enough right-wing crazies spreading lies and hatred, VVD should not get on that bandwagon. I’m so pissed off they didn’t fire his ass, this kind of lying and hostility-spreading nastiness should not be accepted.

We’re not doing enough. Yes, they might bring their newest iPhones but that just proves the point, they’re not coming for our money, they’re fleeing violence. Refugees in the Netherlands often are forced to stay in refugee centres for literally years, not allowed to study or work or build a life, just wait. They used to have a life. Bought those fucking iPhones didn’t they? Doctors, teachers, workers, just wasting away now. We should do more to help.

You’re going to pretend they’re here to get their boobs done? Go fuck yourself, Zijlstra. Ram your own stupid iPhone somewhere dark and fuck off.

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